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  RIMS Symposium (Open)   

RIMS Workshop on
Inverse Problems, Medical Imaging,
and Related Topics

Japanese site is HERE.

IP@RIMS  Today, various imaging modalities exist and they have been developed with theoretical, numerical, and experimental studies on inverse problems. This time, true experts in the field of inverse problems will gather from all over the world and discuss recent advances in inverse problems, medical imaging, and related topics.


Date: January 10th, 2023 (Tue)
Venue: Online

Date: January 11th, 2023 (Wed) - January 13th, 2023 (Fri)
Venue: Room 420 (4th floor), Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University + Online

This conference is hybrid. Registration is necessary for both in-person and online participation:
Registration (by January 4, 2023)  IF THE REGISTRATION FORM DOESN'T WORK

Organizers: Samuli Siltanen (Helsinki) and Manabu Machida (Hamamatsu)

Special night IPMIRT:  Program  (PDF version is HERE)

January 10 (Tue)

Program  (PDF version is HERE)

January 11 (Wed)

January 12 (Thu)

January 13 (Fri)

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